Health and Wellbeing Projects. Delivery of training and consultancy with

NHS Commissioning, Government and Public Health:

  1. Bespoke weight management programmes and tailor-made workshops using coaching , CBT and TA in either group work or one to one
  2. Developing programmes that work alongside the clinical commissioning groups own directives and programmes led by local government incentives to tackle obesity and related issues
  3. Creation and implementation of projects in areas that need education on healthy living and eating

Schools and Colleges:  Young people love stories. I help them make their story and then live it in the best it can be!

“25 percent of children under 16 will be obese by 2050”  foresight report

  1. Workshops delivering healthy mindset to choosing food and activity from a very young age. Bespoke programmes to address how little minds think about food and how they want to please everyone when they eat and how to create the right attitude to themselves, food and taking good care of themselves from the start no matter what their background, education, age and circumstances. Creating a positive psychology in everyday life from the onset will reduce childhood obesity and adult obesity.
  2. Workshops are fun and light and although have powerful messages, the delivery is through education, interactive learning and experimentation